BB Corrector & Settings
(Note: 8300 Curve or later comes with built in spell check)

Download Here Must read settings below, very simple.

Server URL: (Blank)

Username: (Blank)
Password: (Blank)
Disable MDS Proxy
(Depends On Service)
Use Google Spell Checker
AutoAdvance To Next Item

This program requires a reboot:
Please turn device off, take out battery, wait 15 sec's and put battery back in.
Or you can hold down "alt" + "aA^" + "delete" at the same time to reboot.

This Program Requires WAP Setup:
(if you have T-Mobile go to BBerry Settings, then 'Advanced Options' then click on TCP, then write this in the APN "")
(if you have Cingular I'm not so sure it depends on your plan but go to the TCP settings and try one of these two options in the APN "isp.cingular" or "wap.cingular")
If these aren't working for you please click here for a more detailed description of how to setup WAP.


If none of the above work and u tried everything already than remove the app ass follows:
Advanced Options
Find bbCorrector and delete it.

Then try downloading it from here:
Download Here

After its installed use this as the server address:

Leave the username and password blank.
Disable MDS Proxy
(Depends On Service)

*(Turn off device, take out battery, wait 15 sec's and put battery back in.)