By far the best program I have on my mobile device, it is a service that you sign up for that replaces your voicemail system with this SimulScribe system which is very like Visual Voicemail on the iPhone, every time someone leaves you a voicemail, it appears as a message in this program, u can read the voicemail as text as well as listen to it directly on your mobile device, you don't need to call to get your voicemail.

Download Here

This Program Requires WAP Setup:
(if you have T-Mobile go to BBerry Settings, then 'Advanced Options' then click on TCP, then write this in the APN "")
(if you have Cingular I'm not so sure it depends on your plan but go to the TCP settings and try one of these two options in the APN "isp.cingular" or "wap.cingular")
If these aren't working for you please click here for a more detailed description of how to setup WAP.