Ramble IM:
AOL Instant Messenger program for older mobile devices, better than the standard AOL IM program because it shows your entire buddy list as opposed to just you 30-Maximum mobile buddies.

Many people have reported that Ramble IM does not work on some newer mobile device's if it still doesn't work for you after you followed the WAP setup instruction please don't ask me why, because there is nothing I can do about it.

Download Here

This Program Requires WAP Setup:
(if you have T-Mobile go to BBerry Settings, then 'Advanced Options' then click on TCP, then write this in the APN "wap.voicestream.com")
(if you have Cingular I'm not so sure it depends on your plan but go to the TCP settings and try one of these two options in the APN "isp.cingular" or "wap.cingular")
If these aren't working for you please click here for a more detailed description of how to setup WAP.