Fusion Voicemail: (Visual Voicemail)
Its finally here now there really no reason to get the iPhone. Fusion Voicemail (Free!!) is exactly Visual Voicemail but for your device, very simply set your Berry to send missed calls to their number and they leave a message, very shortly after it will show up in the app on your blackberry and you select which voicemail u want to listen to, no more calling any voicemail numbers... and the best part is its completely free!

You need to set up an account online first at:

Then after you have created and activated the account you can download the software:
Download Here

Make sure to forward your phone calls as instructed below:
1) Go to phone screen
2) Menu>Options
3) Call Forwarding
4) Menu>New Number
5) Type in: +1 813 200 0200
6) Select "Forward Unanswered Calls"
7) Then make the "If Busy", "If No Reply", "If Not Reachable" all forward to the new number.

Enjoy Visual Voicemail..... I mean Fusion Voicemail.